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Briggleton's Choir

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October 13, 2022  |  1,198 views

Briggleton's Choir by Kelsie Deschenes. Book coverWill Nazi Officer's son Alfonso be able to stand up for what's right for the first time in his life when his father comes after his Jewish friend who taught him to sing? Will he find his voice?

Step into the world of Alfonso, a boy who is very confused that his Nazi father Adelric is praised for killing Jews, which Alfonso is punished for being a bully at school. When Alfonso is sent to a boarding school to reform his bully ways, he continued to bully until he meets someone special--a Christian Jewish boy named Jacob who knows how to sing and seems to have peace in his life. This Jew agrees to teach a lonely Alfonso how to sing, in exchange for Alfonso to stop bullying him. Just as Alfonso learns to sing well and is affected by the Love of Christ, his father Adelric comes on the scene--with orders to arrest Alfonso's new friend. 

Friendship will be put to the test in this edge- of- the seat tale of friendship between two boys, and a faith spanning the centuries.   

Author's Notes

I wrote this book after I had gone to college and realized how much young minds are the prey of the education system. This story is meant to dispell the lie that children don't understand the hypocrisy of the system. Just as in the story Alfonso understood that his father was doing the wrong thing by killing Jews even though it wasn't considered the 'right thing' to do in that time, everyone has a conscience given to them by God, and they have the choice whether to stand up for what they believe.

In this story, I wove in the element of the character musically learning to find his voice, to represent him finding his voice as a person. As a Christian, I believe that when people are before the Lord, singing and giving praise, we are bringing ourselves to Him and trusting Him to work through us mightily. My hope is that through this story, readers will be encouraged not to silence that still small voice inside from God, even when the world is screaming through many different voices.

About Kelsie Deschenes

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Kelsie is a prolific writer who sees the world through the eyes of creating. A Christian who wants to encourage families to live life with joy and purpose in a dark day and age, Kelsie sets her stories in times in history when people had to make tough choices. Her hope is to help people of all ages to find their God- given potential without fear. She loves writing literary historical fiction...

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