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Kelsie Deschenes


Kelsie is a prolific writer who sees the world through the eyes of creating. A Christian who wants to encourage families to live life with joy and purpose in a dark day and age, Kelsie sets her stories in times in history when people had to make tough choices. Her hope is to help people of all ages to find their God- given potential without fear. She loves writing literary historical fiction, and currently has written several books, including 'Briggleton's Choir', and 'Redemption's Call' and 'Redemption's Hand', the first two in a three- book series called 'Redemption at Echo Sound'. She will be soon releasing a Michigan-pioneer family fiction saga as well.

Kelsie is also a wife, mom, and health/ cooking/ life coach. She loves Church, family and friends, her home state Michigan, and writing!

Books by Kelsie Deschenes

Redemption's Hand by Kelsie Deschenes. Book cover
Plans are set for Martha and her friend Cindy to redeem her last days on earth quietly, remembering the goodness of God throughout her life--even if she still doesn’t know how to tell adopted son Sheriff Tony. But this story doesn't go as planned, and God's redemption continues to amaze Martha and Tony as new twists enter the scene. Robert, the husband of Martha’s kidnapped and murdered daughter Ashley, calls Martha --asking if she can take in her two troubled grandchildren. Martha senses God's hand in it, and says yes, even though she feels weak and sick.
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Redemption's Call by Kelsie Deschenes. Book cover
Sometimes it's easy to feel like there is no such thing as redemption-- and that God doesn't make sense--like when a loved one is taken away with no explanation. Martha Patton and her adopted son Sheriff Tony Patton are trying to give their lives to God after Sheriff Jonah, their husband and father, and Ashley, their daughter and sister Ashley are kidnapped and murdered, without a trace. But when Martha gets a cancer diagnosis and Tony must deal with mysterious break- ins, they both feel God's Call to embrace a level of redemption they never imagined. Will they be able to trust God that what He says He is going to redeem, He will redeem?
Fiction > Mystery & Thrillers
Briggleton's Choir by Kelsie Deschenes. Book cover
Step into the world of Alfonso, a boy who is very confused that his Nazi father Adelric is praised for killing Jews, which Alfonso is punished for being a bully at school. When Alfonso is sent to a boarding school to reform his bully ways, he continued to bully until he meets someone special--a Christian Jewish boy named Jacob who knows how to sing and seems to have peace in his life. This Jew agrees to teach a lonely Alfonso how to sing, in exchange for Alfonso to stop bullying him.
Fiction > Historical