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Redemption's Call

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October 13, 2022  |  812 views

Redemption's Call by Kelsie Deschenes. Book coverWidow Martha Patton has memories of a beautiful marriage cut short by the kidnapping of her daughter, and the mysterious murder of her Sheriff husband, Jonah. In the autumn of her life, Martha is living with their adopted son, Sheriff Tony, who she and Jonah gave a second chance and raised after he killed a man.

When Martha learns she has a cancer diagnosis, will she trust in God that even in brokenness, the Redemption of Christ has called her into a Perfect Plan? And will she keep to her resolve not to tell Tony about the cancer?

The first in the five- novella series of ‘Redemption at Echo Sound’, Redemption’s Call introduces the thrilling faith- filled saga of an American lawman family from 1959- 1972.

‘Redemption at Echo Sound’ is a story of resounding redemption for all those grappling with the realities of the storms of life, and desperately longing to hear that there is a higher calling. This is volume one of a three book novella series.

Author's Notes

This book is very special to me. My ancestors were people that came to America for a chance at a better life, and have done beautiful things to further the kingdom of God in America, and abroad. We live in a day and age where many American are unaware of the fabric of love and sacrifice our forefathers gave for the freedoms we have today.

So many times, while we struggle to believe redemption is truly available, there are multiple layers of redemption right under our noses in our family history! This book was a product of ten years of research, prayer, and getting to know my characters as well we possible. I am German and Italian, so much like my characters, I know that culture affects why we do whatwe do. I believe there is a God that has a plan to rescue and live through mankind throughout. Much like my characters, I have

About Kelsie Deschenes

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Kelsie is a prolific writer who sees the world through the eyes of creating. A Christian who wants to encourage families to live life with joy and purpose in a dark day and age, Kelsie sets her stories in times in history when people had to make tough choices. Her hope is to help people of all ages to find their God- given potential without fear. She loves writing literary historical fiction...

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