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by Kathy May Davies  US United States

September 10, 2014   |    1,103 reads    |   0 comments

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Bruno - Book CoverThis is the first book in the Series: The Brothers and Beck Steel. Bruno Youngblood, a native American wilderness guide and survival expert, is haunted by a faceless apparition of a lovely woman for two years before he finds her, bitter and living in a cloud of pain pills. Bruno knows his fate is the long-legged wounded woman - he only needs to find a way to make her feel the same. He keeps her in his mountains to heal her spirit and hopes the muscles in her arm follow suit. The Arizona land is healing, but he needs time to let the magic happen and he needs to keep her away from the one who is helping her destroy herself. She will never be a concert pianist again, but he might open a door to a life just as compelling.

About The Author

Kathy May Davies was born in Marfa, Texas, raised in El Paso and has lived in the panhandle area for over thirty years. Surrounded by West Texas cotton fields, the view from her back window is a vast as the state itself. It's the perfect place to dream up stories of adventure, mystery, intrigue and romance with settings in neighboring western states. Add in family, friends, work and travel and life is like pistachios from Alamogordo, chewy caramel pralines from Lamesa, green chilies from Hatch, sausage from Klemke's and Slaton Bakery thumbprint cookies. What could be better!

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