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The Summer I Held The Chisel

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The Summer I Held The Chisel by Kathy May Davies. Book coverThe Summer I Held The Chisel is told by Daisy Ryals, a young girl who relates the accounts of one summer in her life. The majority of the names, places and events are real. Conversations are created in order to make the book an adventure instead of a nonfiction account. It is historical fiction, looking through a window into the Depression age when harvesting dinosaur tracks was viewed as a way to obtain money for basic items like shoes and winter coats for a family of eight.

The setting is near Glen Rose, Texas where the Ryals family work. They live beside the Paluxy creek, which houses ancient tracks of reptiles who roamed the earth before man existed. The Summer I Held The Chisel reveals the determination and work ethic of men and women during one of the most difficult times in the history of the United States.


About Kathy May Davies

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Kathy May Davies was born in Marfa, Texas, raised in El Paso and has lived in the panhandle area for over thirty years. Surrounded by West Texas cotton fields, the view from her back window is a vast as the state itself. It's the perfect place to dream up stories of adventure, mystery, intrigue and romance with settings in neighboring western states. Add in family, friends, work and travel...

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