Hint of Satin

Hint of Satin by Kathy May Davies - Book cover.

6 October, 2014

Taxi driver and student, Lee, finds herself in a predicament that could be sinister - in the same house with an unusually large man and another who wears dark glasses, black clothes and has a scar on his face that very probably runs the length of his torso. She can only guess, of course, but the ragged line is fresh. And then the lights go out. Driving the streets of San Antonio, Texas might be safer than being with her two new acquaintances who are mysterious and close-mouthed about a briefcase she tries to deliver. But, they need each other to discover why their lives are in danger, or at the very least, which one is the intended target. One of them is.

Explosions and flying bullets are not the norm, but the reason for them can only be explained if they stay together.

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