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Mist in the Valley

by Kathy May Davies  US United States

August 27, 2014   |    1,397 reads    |   0 comments

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Mist in the Valley - Book CoverLara Hanson discovers New Mexico is not New York City as her sports car is stuck up to its hubcaps in mud on a rainy night in the middle of nowhere: no taxi, no tow truck, no cell phone service. But the situation worsens as she faces a wall of roaring chocolate water tumbling through Cherry Creek Gully towards her! It was the first mistake made by the pregnant woman who chooses to leave the big city to make a home for herself and her child on a small inherited ranch in The Land of Enchantment. There would be many more but she has nothing to lose by staying and so much to lose by leaving. Her neighbors become friends, but one neighbor becomes more than a friend and is haunted by his own nightmares from the past. The story is about acceptance and about discovering a richness that is measured by far more than monetary value. It's a story about forgiveness.

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