China Conquers Taiwan

If China uses enough firepower to overwhelm Taiwan’s defenses, will what is left be worth having?
China’s leader has now decided the answer is - yes.
But Taiwan will only be the beginning. Once its absorption is complete, China has other ambitions.
Like the return of about one million square kilometers seized from China by Russia in the 1860s.
Russia knows this. But it still depends on money from sales of oil and gas to China for most of its export earnings. So it can do nothing to stop China’s conquest of Taiwan.
Not overtly, anyway.
In a war on this scale, can the Russian Agents make a difference?
Their orders are to do so, or die trying.
American Presidents have said since 2022 that they would defend Taiwan if it is attacked by the PRC. But how far will America go to keep that promise?
All the way to nuclear war?
Will Japan help defend Taiwan? And what about America’s other allies in the region, like Australia and South Korea?
However the war ends, it will be the largest armed conflict since WWII.
And may start WWIII. 

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