China Invades Taiwan

China Invades Taiwan by Ted Halstead. The Russian Agents Book 6. Military Thrillers - Book cover.
Ted Halstead

22 August, 2021

China’s military leaders have decided to invade Taiwan. With the Communist Party’s grudging support.
Russia seems more enthusiastic, selling China billions worth of military hardware and all the fuel China’s planes, ships and tanks will need.
Russia, though, fears the invasion could lead China to war with America. And if the war goes nuclear, could Russia stay uninvolved?
So Russia sends its best agents on a mission to sabotage China’s war effort.
Russia also decides to help Forward, the leading Chinese resistance organization against the Communist Party. Forward’s most brilliant hacker will now have Internet access through Russian satellites. Can she wreak enough havoc to upset China’s invasion plans?
Will America intervene? If so, will Japan support American intervention?
What about other nearby countries? Will any of them realize, like Russia, that if Chinese military force works against Taiwan they could be next?
Or will the sheer weight of numbers carry China’s military to victory, no matter what any other country does?
In the end, the answer to that may depend most on the people of Taiwan. Will they fold in the face of the enemy the way the Afghans did in 2021?
Or will Taiwan show Beijing they will pay any price to keep the freedom they have enjoyed for nearly a century?

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