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Counting, Counting, 1 Through 12

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by Josh Hagen  US United States

August 16, 2017   |    1,184 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Counting, Counting, 1 Through 12 - Book coverDo you have a little reader that has shown an early interest in  counting? Are you looking for that first fun little book to begin  their love of numbers? Counting, Counting, 1 Through 12 gives you the  opportunity to interact with your little reader through vivid pictures  and numbers. Each page visualizes each number with not only a number,  but also with the word and representation via objects. All with a  narrative that will lead your little reader from 1 through 12.
If your little reader enjoys numbers and counting, than they will love  this fun little book, Counting, Counting, 1 Through 12.

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