Helping Hands

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by Josh Hagen US United States
February 25, 2018

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Helping Hands - Book coverDo you like to be helpful? Did you know that there are people that we  meet each day whose job it is to help others? They use their helping  hands to feed us, protect us, teach us and keep us safe. In Helping  Hands you will meet a few of these people and learn what their helping  hands can do for you and me. And once you meet them, you'll see that  you too have Helping Hands! What could you do with your helping hands?   Maybe help a friend or family member!  You could help someone in  need just because it's a good thing to do.  Who knows, maybe someday  you will be a teacher or a mechanic or a pilot just like some of the helpful people you'll find in Helping Hands!

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