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Gretta Knows

A little girl with a BIG imagination
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by Josh Hagen  US United States

July 26, 2017   |    1,807 reads    |   1 comment

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Gretta Knows: a little girl with a BIG imagination - Book coverHave you ever wondered why bears hibernate? Gretta Knows! "They stay in their dens while outside it snows. Because that's when they can catch up on all of their shows."
Follow along with Gretta as a simple walk with her parents blossoms into imaginative interactions with friends and neighbors. Gretta is an energetic and imaginative young girl happy to explain how things work to anyone nearby... whether they ask or not.

Gretta Knows - if you like fun little stories, tales of imagination for kids, and cute kids then you'll love this book.


This delightful book shows strong parenting skills that encourage and support a little girl with unending imagination and energy. Nice read!

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