Deathskull Bombshell

Deathskull Bombshell by Joshua Ebert - Book cover.
Joshua Ebert

26 September, 2015

A realistic fiction novel written out of chronological order, Deathskull Bombshell tells the story of four friends from small-town Wisconsin who start a punk band. The bassist, a gay book nerd, is dating the singer-songwriter's younger brother. A headstrong straight-edge Buddhist, he's vowed to wait until marriage. The singer-songwriter, a bright feminist with a flair for the dramatic, grows weary of rural life. She skips town without warning. The band breaks up. Nobody sees her for years. Her brother struggles financially, eventually renting a house with his boyfriend and two other roommates. Then one day, he receives word that his estranged sister and grandmother need crash space. Deathskull Bombshell is a great adventure, full of ghost pirates, marriage attempts, and video gaming.

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