Aloha from Hell

Aloha from Hell by Joshua Ebert - Book cover.
Joshua Ebert

29 April, 2016

This book is set in a fictional university in Minnesota. Accounting student Dave Sommer isn't a guy who likes to take risks. He studies hard, sticks to a routine, and hardly ever drinks. When he rents a house with three of his college friends, he expects life to continue as it always has. But when they're running low on rent money, the guys take on a fifth roommate who will live in the basement. Keahi Takegawa is an Environmental Science major. He moved to Minnesota from Hawaii. Due to a dangerous case of toxic mold, Dave and Keahi wind up sharing a room. Wanting to stay polite, Dave struggles with conversation topics. He doesn't want to act too nosy or get accused of being a racist, and the sexual attraction he feels is best left unspoken. The two remain at a distance, until one night when an unplanned threesome forces them to confront their feelings.

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Genre: Fiction > General


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