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Joshua Ebert


Joshua Ebert was born in 1988 in Neenah, Wisconsin and raised in the comparably larger city of Eau Claire. He studied English at the University of Minnesota Duluth. In 2012, Mr. Ebert quit school to focus on his career. His works published include Mattie's Ghost (2010, out-of-print), Deathskull Bombshell (2015), and Aloha from Hell (2016). In his spare time, Mr. Ebert enjoys music, art, and video games.

Books by Joshua Ebert

Gutter Sludge - Book Cover

A short collection of dark free-verse poetry on such themes as homicide, missing-persons cases, guilt, abuse, blame, estrangement, grief, trauma, dead family pets, classic cinema, violence in the media, mental health, and anger. In an observant and precise manner, the poet describes the hidden horrors of modern society.

Fiction > Poetry
Aloha from Hell (book) Joshua Ebert
This book is set in a fictional university in Minnesota. Accounting student Dave Sommer isn't a guy who likes to take risks. He studies hard, sticks to a routine, and hardly ever drinks. When he rents a house with three of his college friends, he expects life to continue as it always has.
Providence (book) by Joshua Ebert
After the death of his long-term boyfriend in a car crash, artist Hudson Brenner is despondent. Too grief-stricken to look for a new roommate, he falls behind in rent, eventually becoming homeless. The story starts when Hudson applies to live at the Providence Artist Commune, a community housing apartment complex for artists and actors.
Fiction > Romance
The Moon Is Always Bisexual (book) by Joshua Ebert

With dark, sparse language, feminist poet Joshua Ebert writes of her experiences with love, sex, and the expectations of society. She uses a humorous "fictional confessional poetry" style, dancing with the topic of truth vs. fiction. She is often very bleak. Manipulating the truth and illustrating it in vivid metaphor, Ms. Ebert writes of a difficult relationship as the Berlin Wall.

Fiction > Poetry
Deathskull Bombshell (book) by Joshua Ebert
A realistic fiction novel written out of chronological order, Deathskull Bombshell tells the story of four friends from small-town Wisconsin who start a punk band. The bassist, a gay book nerd, is dating the singer-songwriter's younger brother.