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The Moon Is Always Bisexual

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by Joshua Ebert  US United States

April 28, 2016   |    1,385 reads    |   0 comments

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The Moon Is Always Bisexual (book) by Joshua EbertWith dark, sparse language, trans feminist poet Joshua Ebert writes of his experiences with love, sex, and the expectations of society. He uses a humorous "fictional confessional poetry" style, dancing with the topic of truth vs. fiction. He is often very bleak. Manipulating the truth and illustrating it in vivid metaphor, Mr. Ebert writes of a difficult relationship as the Berlin Wall. In another poem, he describes himself as a vampire and serial killer, draining men of their energy. The poems were written between 2002 and 2015. The Moon Is Always Bisexual includes poetry done in haiku form and free-verse, as well as experimental alphabet poetry and list poetry. It is a short book, but gleefully morbid and at times very insightful.

About The Author

Joshua Ebert was born in 1988 in Neenah, Wisconsin and raised in the comparably larger city of Eau Claire. He studied English at the University of Minnesota Duluth. In 2012, Mr. Ebert quit school to focus on his career. His works published include Mattie's Ghost (2010, out-of-print), Deathskull Bombshell (2015), and Aloha from Hell (2016). In his spare time, Mr. Ebert enjoys music, art, and video games.

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