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Debt and Defiance

Luke Adams Investigates
by Honor Amelia Dawson  GB United Kingdom

July 4, 2014   |    958 reads    |   0 comments

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Debt and Defiance - Book CoverLeanne struggles with a recent turn of events, she has resolve and determination, takes time to sojourn at an old farmhouse, for a personal mission to uncover her family roots. The vacation provides time for reflection, but the chain of discoveries is extraordinary and for some has proved fatal!
Short Delivery
Leannes recent life has been a stream of emotional events, she's alone, vulnerable, definitely resilient. Decisions must be made rapidly as currently she has no job or prospects. She  moves to her grandmothers old home, and then the troubles emerge and multiply. Too many people hold grudges and secrets that inadvertently "blow up in
their faces" The casualties may not be innocent!
Extended Detail
Luke Adams investigates Book 2.  Client:- Leanne Stark
Decades have past since Leanne's grandmother inherited a vast house. This fact has remained a tight secret, never broached nor discussed.
Leanne grows up believing her mother is dead, that is, until her grandmother dies. She is confounded by the protracted deception, and a gnawing sense of betrayal. The consequences of her grandmother's actions span generations; the locals struggle with the emerging truth; greed, death, and revenge linger. Desperate for consolation Leanne sets herself a quest to uncover this mysterious past. For professional backup, she engages the successful team of Luke Adams and Imogen Morrison.

About The Author

I come from the North of England the county of Yorkshire, home to the Bronte sisters. A rugged landscape for a tough spirited character! I now reside in the East of England an area known as the Fenlands a landscape equally as windswept as Yorkshire but in contrast very flat we get mini-tornadoes even in winter!
My former career was as a software developer and IT systems analyst, which entailed being concise and thorough, could be tedious as repetition came with the essential checking of all work, at times It carried an enormous responsibility.
These disciplines have been... more

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