Delete Me: 7 Steps to Social Media Abstinence

The desktop guide to deleting social media and NO, it's not just a digital native dilemma

Social media is ruining your life, but you're still using it...

Renowned by law enforcement and clinical mental health experts nationwide, Delete Me: D.S.M. 7 Steps to Social Media Abstinence, was formerly only circulated through DRUGFR33.ORG. There is also an audiobook available via

Swipe left. It's time to delete the social media disease. There are currently no specialized treatments for social media addiction and anxiety type conditions attributed to social media usage. Whereas most "remedies" for social media abuse call for "vacations", "breaks", and "parental surveillance" from the applications, Delete Me refutes these methods as ineffective. Fortune 500 IT consultant & engineer turned clinical mental health researcher & crisis intervention counselor, J.A. Thomas insists that we’re far better off abstaining from the applications altogether.

In Delete Me D.S.M. 7 Steps to Social Media Abstinence, J.A. Thomas, MSW, who is one of a growing army of industry experts going offline, offers powerful and personal reasons for all of us to abandon these treacherous online platforms.The book’s rationale for freeing ourselves from social media’s toxic grip include the applications’ programmatic abilities to rewire our brains and likens the platforms to addictive substances. In it, the reader witnesses the dangers of social media usage from a law enforcement and clinical mental health perspective. The methodology introduced within its pages offer a comprehensive step-by-step methodology to getting (and staying) offline through total abstinence.

The benefits of social media applications cannot outweigh the tragic losses to our personal wellness, dignity, and freedom.

J.A. Thomas left a lucrative career in Big Tech in pursuit of investigating online crime with law enforcement. Now a critical crisis intervention counselor, Thomas hopes to foster transparent public health information surrounding the dangers of social media usage and its links to severe mental health conditions and the illicit online sex & drug trades. The methodologies introduced in D.S.M. 7 insist that total abstinence from all social media applications is the key to driving us towards richer and more meaningful ways of living by connecting us back to the world beyond the tiny blue screen.

J.A. Thomas is founder of the support network, WWW.DRUGFR33.ORG, a public health information hub made possible by the volunteer efforts of law enforcement, mental health parity experts, and clinical mental health specialists.

Author's Notes

"Delete Me: 7 Steps to Social Media Abstinence" offers raw, transparent information impacted by my own professional knowledge as a platform engineer and mental health care professional. Many behavioral "experts" and online sources will strive to maintain their own ties and endorsements with social media by providing an "easy way out" and recommend limiting screen time as a means to eliminating addiction. "Delete Me" will challenge you and posits how the best means to quit and stay off a deadly substance is to abstain from the usage of that substance (social media) all together.

Be ready to proudly tell your friends, "I'm Offline." 

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