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Diver Creed Station

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by Oliver Phipps  US United States

June 9, 2020   |    9,566 reads    |   0 comments

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Diver Creed Station - Book coverWars, disease and a massive collapse of civilization have ravaged the human race of a hundred years in the future. Finally, in the late twenty-second century mankind begins to slowly struggle back from the edge of extinction.

When a huge “virtual life” facility is restored from a hibernation state and carefully brought back online, a renewed hope materializes. It becomes clear for the inhabitants of this desolate world; this is something that could restore a civilized system.

A social structure begins to emerge around the virtual facility. An existence in which a man or woman can provide seven days of basic labor and earn seven days in one of many luxury settings in the virtual zone. As time goes by and more of the virtual pods are brought back online life appears to be getting better. Workers taste the pleasures of the old world and become hooked on its glitter and allure.

However, the old-world system is tainted. Ghosts from the past and mysterious factions intermingle as two young technicians become trapped in virtual realities and a history, they have very little knowledge of. Now, the dangers are real and life and death hang in the balance.


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