Effective Baby and Toddler Discipline

Effective Baby and Toddler Discipline by Casey Robson - Book cover.
7 Steps to Transform Explosive Child and Eliminate Tantrums. For Children Ages 1- 5
Casey Robson

4 September, 2016

Handling a toddler’s temper tantrum is a challenging task for every parent. Questions like “What do I do?” and “When will this ever stop?” seem to be very difficult to answer. Now all these questions can be answered and these challenges can be overcome with the help of this book.

Learn the ins and outs of every toddler’s temper tantrums. Find out its causes with the corresponding prevention.Discover the symptoms of temper tantrums and know the different steps to prevent it from happening. Finally, identify tantrum red flags for early detection of any developmental issues.

The main section of this book teaches every parent how to transform explosive toddlers to more tranquil individuals through seven easy steps. First, distinguish and understand every toddler’s physical, psychological, emotional, and behavioural developments and needs. Through parents’ awareness of their toddler’s development milestones, parents will comprehend what their toddlers cannot verbally express. Second, parents will be given step by step instructions on how to create an orderly environment for their toddlers. Every toddler’s need for order will prevent any temper tantrums caused by a chaotic environment. Third, parents are presented different anecdotal situations that will lead to setting clear rules for toddlers to follow. Fourth, know the different ways to arrest temper tantrums while it is happening. Learn how to handle a sticky situation with grace and composure through the different strategies taught in this book. Fifth, know what appropriate activities to introduce toddlers to prevent boredom and frustration. Sixth, discern what steps to take to be more prepared in handling explosive tantrums. Last, get a better sense on when to step in and when to stand your ground while a tantrum is transpiring.

All the strategies presented in this book are very realistic, practical, and relevant to all families. Learn and follow these seven easy steps and you are assured to have a more peaceful relationship with your very cute toddler!

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