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Epic Emotion

How you win with you

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January 2, 2021  |  597 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Epic Emotion - Book coverEmotion is a key to the kingdom that is you. Join me on an incredible journey of discovery into the world of emotion. A world where the secrets of harnessing your emotion are revealed.

Have you ever found emotions getting the better of you? Ever wanted winning ways for fear, sadness and anger? Curious how you can turn it all around? Find out about astonishing research into what is known as affect, passion, feeling, emotion, mood and more. A practical path where dark shadow becomes beautiful light. Participate in a plenitude of fun activities helping you build real skills. The magnificence of a magic emotion game for you. Emotional intelligence insights at your fingertips beginning with the basics and theories, to identifying and managing emotionality, onto the feelings of others.

Are you curious about love? Be inspired by emotivity in romantic relationships. Discover the doorway to your heart. A personal development quest where you can become your own emotion expert. Do you desire more pleasure from emotion? You’ve come to the right place. This is the book for you. Welcome to Epic Emotion!

About David Pollak

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David Pollak is a seasoned Psychologist with extensive experience in mental health, and ageing and disability services. He has provided staff counselling, and taught counselling to students. David lives in Australia, enjoys drumming and poetry, while offering a unique skillset. David uses ethical practices as a Psychologist, and developed a keen interest in meditation years before studying...

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