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Escape To Seraphim Island

by Linn Dowless  US United States

March 10, 2014   |    1,388 reads    |   0 comments

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Escape To Seraphim Island (book cover)America was great once upon a time, and opportunity flourished as it never had anywhere else, but something has gone terribly wrong in America. Decay morally, socially, and economical had replaced bounty. Even the cherished institution of legitimate law has been replaced by a wicked extortionist inquisition. This is the story of one man's persecution by that inquisition, his great escape and his ascendancy into wealth, status and glory beyond all mortal measure.
This book that can be categorized as a political escapist thriller presented in a fantasy context. Such a category is somewhat based on the real life examples of politicians and individuals that the author has met during his own off shore adventures , who were on the run because of political/personal scandals of one sort or another. These people tended to be very interesting at best, and at the worst, he never knew for certain as to just who or what it was that he was in company with.  Exotic worlds really do exist out there, where opportunity thrives in an un regulated context, long since rendered out of existence here in the West. To the fact that even in this day and time, true real life adventure still exists, is one of the primary themes in this work.

About The Author

The author is a international ESL Instructor, world traveler and adventurer who lives for new experiences and meeting interesting new people. He enjoys a large number of outdoor activities, including baseball and going to the races, but he also loves hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, working on a variety of motors, trapping, carpentry and many more just to name a few. He has published a number of other works, many of which are included here on this site, and has obtained a relative amount of success. One may directly access his latest work by logging into wattpad, and several other sites... more

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