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The Old Dirt Road And The Hellion

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The Old Dirt Road And The Hellion by Linn Dowless. Book coverThis work is intended to stand unto itself as more a living, breathing, portrait of art painted with carefully chosen words, than just a really interesting story told. The intent here is for the reader to view the landscape through the eyes of the main character, to feel what he does as he ambles along in this adventure. When the main character feels the pain and pleasures of the old dirt road, then all will only be right if the reader feels these same identical experiences. As the phantom of the old dirt lashes out in retribution of the sins in the main character's past, then the hope here likewise is that the reader will feel the need for adjustment in the course of his own life, as he too travels the old dirt road through the world of the secular experience.
Upon reaching this point in the story, the reader should experience the thrills of an exciting climax as the main character reaches the point of his destination, as well as end the experience with a new positive in-site into the plan for improvement into both his own secular and spiritual life.

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The author is a international ESL Instructor, world traveler and adventurer who lives for new experiences and meeting interesting new people. He enjoys a large number of outdoor activities, including baseball and going to the races, but he also loves hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, working on a variety of motors, trapping, carpentry and many more just to name a few. He has published a...

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