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March Of The Divine Magnificence

by Linn Dowless  US United States

February 17, 2014   |    1,755 reads    |   0 comments

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Book image did not loadThis work is an epic poem that deals with the redemption of mankind by the original genetic superlative. Few writers of fiction, or otherwise, have ever addressed this subject here in the West. The tradition of an original superlative lies primarily in the far eastern world of Northern China, Northern India,  and those nations within the great Asian Transcendence.
In summary, the supreme god of the genetic superlative, Ahuramazda, shall send his son, Zorothrausi, as divine redeeming savior. He shall make world war with Magna Latro, the dark demigod of the nether mortals, and conquer in the end. The massive world wide conflagration shall only end with the Crucifixion of Magna Latro on the pinnacle of knowledge in the valley of Meggido, at the center of the celestial earth. As the redeeming savior, Zorothrausi is giving sanctified instruction to the mortals of earth, fire from heaven shall strike down to consume the writhing figure on the cross, and the eyes of the entire earth shall bear witness. Following this astounding consumption of the crucified figure, the terrible war shall end,  then mankind shall be redeemed back into his original genetic superlative state, and all of the negatives shall then be cast into the eternal furnace, thereby promptly restoring the original state of Elysium earth.

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The author is a international ESL Instructor, world traveler and adventurer who lives for new experiences and meeting interesting new people. He enjoys a large number of outdoor activities, including baseball and going to the races, but he also loves hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, working on a variety of motors, trapping, carpentry and many more just to name a few. He has published a number of other works, many of which are included here on this site, and has obtained a relative amount of success. One may directly access his latest work by logging into wattpad, and several other sites... more

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