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A Divine Matrimony Of The Hallowed Deuce

by Linn Dowless  US United States

April 23, 2014   |    1,550 reads    |   0 comments

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A Divine Matrimony Of The Hallowed Deuce (book cover)This work is a collection of very creative unusual short stories, many of which are in the horror genre. Find out about the story Madeline, and how she swayed a really promising young man to do the unthinkable. Read on and find out who the Protege was and how he took advantage of his professor mentor, only to respond in a horrifying manner beyond all description here. Read on to descover the Tales Of Mayorbe. Find out about the great King Omay and how he developed an unknown kingdom into one of the wealthiest empires known. Read about The Sacred Garden and find out about the enchanting waterfall and the secret realm that it contains. Read all of this and more, in the two short story collections that have been merged into a single outstanding collection effectively titled A Divine Matrimony Of The Hallowed Deuce.

About The Author

The author is a international ESL Instructor, world traveler and adventurer who lives for new experiences and meeting interesting new people. He enjoys a large number of outdoor activities, including baseball and going to the races, but he also loves hunting, fishing, camping, hiking, working on a variety of motors, trapping, carpentry and many more just to name a few. He has published a number of other works, many of which are included here on this site, and has obtained a relative amount of success. One may directly access his latest work by logging into wattpad, and several other sites... more

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