Free From Fear

Living well After Cancer
Book by Meg McGowan

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May 30, 2017  |  1,520 views  |  0 reviews / comments

Free From Fear: Living well After Cancer by Meg McGowan. Living well After Cancer. Book coverIf you have had cancer, you’re probably familiar with the slow, creeping fear that it’s going to return. This book will give you some simple strategies to deal with that fear and to get back your life. Written by someone whose been there and done that, it's packed with activities anyone can learn in minutes which can transform your fear into something that actually helps you to live a more fulfilling life.

You'll also discover why most of the strategies for dealing with fear of recurrence don't work well or consistently for most people and you'll be introduced to a whole tool-kit of techniques that do. It's primarily a clear and simple guide for cancer survivors, those living with cancer and the people that love them, but anyone dealing with anxiety, recurrent fear or worry will find these techniques useful.


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I'm a breast cancer survivor and I've written this book to help people deal with fear of recurrence. It's a huge problem for people with cancer and I was fortunate enough during my treatment to learn some great techniques for overcoming it and actually using it to help me live a better life. This was also an activity that helped me to rebuild my brain after treatment, so I'm already very...

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