Home Remedies For Cancer

Home Remedies For Cancer by Monica Sidoine - Book cover.
Monica Sidoine

18 May, 2016

This Ebook presents very simple low costing home remedies for Cancer which can be used in the home for preventive health care and well being.

There is lots of information on the symptoms, causes, treatments and health tips for Breast, Colon, Prostate and Skin Cancer.

The home remedies are very beneficial and effective if you do them consistently.

The procedures in this Ebook was designed to be as simple as possible so that anyone will be able to follow them. Most of the items used are local things which you would have at home in your kitchen cupboard or in your kitchen garden. If not they can be easily purchased from the local market or health store.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Health, Fitness & Diet

ISBN: 9781533557650


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