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Home Remedies For Losing Weight

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by Monica Sidoine  LC Saint Lucia

January 21, 2016   |    1,288 reads    |   0 comments

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Home Remedies For Losing Weight (book) by Monica SidoineThe home remedies in this Ebook are very simple and low costing. They will assist you with losing that extra weight and also helping to keep it off naturally.

The contents include Teas, Juices, Foods and Health Tips which will be very beneficial and effective in your journey in losing weight..

Many persons have used crash diets without success because they have found that the weight would decrease but after it would come back on rapidly and about twice the amount that you had. I was once in this category so i testify to that.  

Most of the items are local things which you probably have at home already or they can be easily purchased.


About The Author

Monica Sidoine S.N.H.S. DIP. Herbalism, Skincare Products. She is an Author, Lifestyle Educator, Medical Missionary, Certified Licensed Massage Therapist and a Lay Evangelist. She holds a diploma in Herbalism and also Skincare Products from the School of Natural Health Sciences, UK and have done thorough training at Uchee Pines Institute in Alabama, U.S.A. She resides in ST. Lucia. West Indies.

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