How To Change Bad Personality Traits

How To Stop Negative Thoughts And Feelings
by Odin US United States
November 9, 2019

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How To Change Bad Personality Traits - Book coverThis workbook helps to quickly change the nature of the programs at the psycho-energetic level – to remove the negative qualities that greatly hinder you in life and to add the positive qualities and skills that you do not have enough for success. And as destructive programs and the lack of positive are the main causes of life failures – the reprogramming will help you to quickly improve your Life Line. This practice will give you an understanding of what negative emotions are and how to deal with them. You will learn about how to change yourself fast, how to cope with negative emotions, how to overcome negative traits of personality, how to change the bad traits of character and add the desired and useful behavioral skills at the level of psycho-energetic programs.
Using this simple practice you will know how to deal with negative emotions that hinder you in achieving success, and you can add positive qualities and skills that you lack.

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