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Practical advice, inspiration of isolation, quarantine ideas
by Henry Collins  US United States

April 23, 2020   |    261 reads    |   0 comments

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HOW TO SURVIVE IN THE QUARANTINE AND DO NOT LOSE YOUR MIND? - Book coverHow to survive during quarantine? How to survive a pandemic shock and not go crazy in quarantine? What to do to not get depressed at all? Where is best located during quarantine? How to eat during quarantine? How not to go crazy with the whole family in isolation. Quarantined children, what to do with them? How to live so that "virusophobia" does not develop? My book will help you painlessly survive this period of your life without any consequences and again enter the society of a mentally healthy person.Here are the most effective techniques.
+11 recipes for antiseptics and hand sanitizers at home
+List of essential goods and foodstuffs of 2020 during quarantine
Thanks to this book, millions of people will know exactly what to do in such a situation and how to survive and not go crazy.
Do not miss the opportunity to protect yourself and loved ones !!!

Author's Note: 

How to survive quarantine and maintain a relative calm?

Surely at the very beginning you experienced a shock, replaced by a real panic thinking how to live now, without giving up your usual activities. The first thing that comes to mind is to urgently take everything under control in order to create the illusion of a familiar lifestyle as long as possible, as if nothing had happened. Denial is a protective reaction of the body, this happens partly due to the fact that you are afraid of changes, worry that you will not have time to finish some important projects, you feel a sense of helplessness and in general, you don’t understand what will happen tomorrow. Hence all your fears and panic. In order not to aggravate the situation, try not to give up your usual way of life, but make certain adjustments in connection with the compulsory quarantine, in which more and more people around the world find themselves daily. About what to do in self-isolation and how not to go wild and crazy about the inability to lead a familiar lifestyle, read further in this book.

About The Author

Henry Collins, psychologist, economist, writer with over 18 years of experience. He is engaged in acute social issues, studying the behavior of people, writes inspiring literature. He is also a philanthropist and engaged in charity work. Monthly deducts 10-15% of their fees to charity and considers this one of the keys to happiness, to give joy and hope.

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