iQuit: The Book of Job(s)

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iQuit: The Book of Job(s) by Vincent Yanez. Book coverAuthor Vincent Yanez never planned on working more than a couple of jobs in his life. Unfortunately, he was born with a short attention span and an inability to stay anywhere that annoyed him. The result is iQuit: The Book of Job(s), a snarky look at one man's refusal to put up with anything he found aggravating, disgusting or downright horrifying.
Somewhere along the way, Vincent Yanez decided that life was too short to do things he hated. In a lot of ways he has paid the price for that, being that most of his friends have things like homes, cars and a savings account - things he often times may look at with envy. However, he also knows that many of those same people have things like an idiot for a boss, crappy coworkers, a horrible commute and all the stress-related issues that go with that feeling you might be wasting your life just so you can keep paying bills for things you aren't even sure you want, anymore.
It’s a trade off, and he is aware that others may often look at his life and think ‘that poor bastard,’ – oftentimes the same thing he does when he looks at their life, a life they've chosen by refusing to say “iQuit!”

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Vincent Yanez is from a small town in Arizona. He lives with the woman he calls 'Egg', her two she-devil cats and the ghost of his schnauzer, Mr. Sidney Bernstein. Mr. Yanez has won no great literary awards or recognition, but waits for the frenzy of adoration to begin at any moment. He enjoys the smell of rain, long walks on the beach and the crunch of a warm, crispy tater tot. He is the...

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