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Murder Without Pity

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by Steve Haberman  US United States

May 8, 2017   |    1,985 reads    |   0 comments

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Murder Without Pity - Book coverParis...a tourist mecca and glamorous, elegant, cosmopolitan capital of France. But also a dangerous city. Dangerous if you seek to confront the past. Dangerous if you look too closely into the past. And dangerous if you are a state criminal investigator like Monsieur Stanislas Cassel, grandson of a French writer, who sided with the Nazis during their World War II Occupation of Europe.

Ashamed of his family's notoriety, he avoids anything political. Instead he buries himself solving relatively small crimes, which he calls his "Little Miseries." Such as the strange death of a pensioner, found murdered in his rundown apartment in a working class quarter of the city.

However he soon is shocked to discover that, contrary to appearance, the victim hardly lived out an uneventful life.

Author's Note: 

"Murder Without Pity" is based on a tragic past that echoes within French society even today. This past, I researched while in the city and has its murderous counterpart in many parts of today's world.

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