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Winston Churchill's Renegade Spy

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by Steve Haberman  US United States

July 8, 2020   |    1,167 reads    |   0 comments

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Winston Churchill's Renegade Spy - Book cover1940, Adolf Hitler's military has conquered most of Europe. Western civilization is on the brink of collapse.  Only one nation stands to fight his tyranny. Not isolationist America. Not fascist France or Italy. But Great Britain with its newly installed prime minister, Winston Churchill. But a German spy plots to aid Hitler within Churchill's government, and time is running short. 

A British emissary asks a disgraced, ex-NY City detective to help uncover this agent before it's too late, before the Nazis invade England. 

Author's Note: 

Churchill truly was the man of the hour, standing up to the Nazi bully when few dared. But he had much help as this historical thriller shows.


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