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The Killing Ploy

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by Steve Haberman  US United States

December 1, 2017   |    2,280 reads    |   0 comments

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The Killing Ploy - Book coverSeveral years after 9/11. Pablo de Silva, mother, a tennis champion; father, a wealthy, but now bankrupt Swiss hotelier, walks into the American embassy in Switzerland and volunteers to work for the CIA. Accepted, he does admirable work for them.

Then tragedy strikes, devastating him.  He becomes yesterday's man, mostly written off.  Except by his CIA mentor, who gives him a second chance. Liaise with the FBI to see if the murders of two top defense contractors for the American military, with their passports missing, have a terrorist angle.  This he does. Soon, however, as he gets deeper into his task, he discovers it becomes dangerously different than expected. 

And he finds himself ensnared in a scheme to ensnare a ghost where rumor becomes reality for a paranoid on the run.

A spy thriller with locales ranging from sunny San Diego, California to the menacing streets of London; Paris; Lugano, Switzerland; and Berlin. Based on extensive on-site research, this highly contemporary thriller shows that before there was "fake news," there was The Killing Ploy.

Author's Note: 

I got the central idea for The Killing Ploy from the lawless nature of the internet, and that's all I want to say because I don't want to give away the story.


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