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Myth or Reality?

What You Need to Know About Positive Thinking
by Darcy Davis  US United States

February 8, 2020   |    641 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Myth or Reality? - Book coverThere are many myths about positive thinking that do not make people healthy, happy and successful.
This book busts those myths and offers an alternative, more realistic and truthful view about positive thinking. If you make repeated attempts to stay positive, but it does not yield the promised results, then it’s time to look at positivity from a new perspective.
Grab this book and start making meaningful changes in your life by making changes in your thinking process.
By pointing out flaws associated with the way positive thinking is touted, this book offers you a chance to recalibrate yourself and embrace all thoughts; the negative and positive.
The desire to control thoughts takes precious energy and time, and if this continues, you may begin to struggle like a hamster on a carousel while not achieving your goals. If you want to accept yourself as nature created, accepting the positive and negative, then this book is for you.

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