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Once upon a time in Nottoway

by Linn Dowless  US United States

April 22, 2015   |    1,314 reads    |   0 comments

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Once upon a time in Nottoway - Book Image Did Not Load!Enter in between these two covers and experience the thrill of new-found wealth with the Johansen family. Travel with them as they move into the new town of Nottoway to make a new life for themselves, surrounded by those of the social elite, among whom they have now earned the right to stand among. Walk with the protagonist, TJ, as he meets new friends at the local academy. Know what it is like to stand among those who live in search of a new metaphysical experience, as TJ does. When TJ decides to break off on his own, find out why doing so was such a terrible mistake. Walk with him as he delves deeply into the metaphysical..for an experience that was far wilder than he had ever anticipated. As he finds his way through the heavenly maze, he enters into new realms of existence, where what he has been shown to be bad, was really good and what he had been told to be true for all of his life, was really a twisted tall tale. End up with him to share in his astonishment when he winds up right where he started on his long fantastic journey!

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