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Looking for a great poetry book to read? Looking for poems for the heart and soul? This directory of poetry books written by talented poets will satisfy all tastes and readers. Whether you are searching for poetry and prose collection about life, the world, friends, relationships, romance and love, you will find it all in here at humanmade.net


by Karen Rice / US United States

My first poem of poems, chronicles my true life experiences during my journey of many trials and tribulations. With the words and phrases of each poem of statement, I wishes to make a positive impact on someone whos' ill or otherwise, where they can proceed life in a whole new way.

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True Simple Poems of Life, Faith and Survival
by Tamara Amanda Bryant / US United States

All the movies about finding yourself somewhere other than where you grew up are about your destination. Sure, they give a thirty second tribute to where you’ve come from, generally using the cliché shot of the main character staring out the back of a foggy car window amid a jungle of boxes, but that is quickly forgotten in favor of a city full of skyscrapers and illusions of opportunity.


Bitter Teachings: The Complete Collection of Poetry and Prose
by V Vineet Kumar / IN India

A love and life poetry collection by V Vineet Kumar, that will really enchant the real lover and real humans.


Raindrops - Sprinkles of Life
by Waldemar Kissel III / US United States

A collection of poems that will make you laugh and also touch your heart.


Comforting Poems of Life, Love, and Happiness
by Octavia McBride... / US United States

The Ancient Romans used to call a person's creative spirit her "genius," and recognized the labor of setting it free as one of love and sacrifice. Octavia McBride-Ahebee's latest collection is just such a labor. Her poems depict human longing, love and dignity in the context of global inequality with fierce, uncompromising grace ...


Where My Birthmark Dances
by Michael Callahan / US United States

Dripping Lights is a collection of short poems that are a blend of experience, dreams, and philosophy.


Dripping Lights
by L. C. Arrington / US United States

This poetry collection is uniquely arranged and takes the reader on a journey through love and life. "Prescriptions of a Poet" will touch your heart and remind you that you are never alone. The poetry is the process; the prescription is the remedy for the heart.


Prescriptions of a Poet: Remedies of the Heart
by Francee Bouvenir / US United States

Poems that deal with challenging our consequences in our daily lives. The living through the infestation, pandemonium of turmoil's and tolerance which surrounds the atmospheres, occurs in almost every communities around the world.


The Journey And The Memoir
by Joseph D. Smith / US United States

The Legendary Graduate promotes the zest for life with poetry, from the perspective of an autistic man, Joseph D. Smith!


The Legendary Graduate
by Jeff Boire / US United States

The book contains musings regarding the sea and Jeff’s Navy time, his daughter, adversity, and the American biker among other topics.

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Quiet Musings by the Sea


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A Random Book

Accounting for Love

Accounting for Love - Book cover
by Erin Wright