Proud City: The Unaware Revolution

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by Amo Sulaiman CH Switzerland
February 3, 2019

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Proud City: The Unaware Revolution - Book coverThe book deals with human relationships.
A police officer, Charles, is shot by accident in a robbery by a youth, becoming sterile as a result. Since he cannot have children, he leaves the police force to open a pizzeria, a place for young people to meet and discuss outside their parents’ rigid range of control. One of these young people, Chuck, is suffering from the breakup of his parents’ marriage. He suspects his mother of having an affair because she says she has to work every night as a nurse at the hospital, but he’s unable to detect clear evidence of his suspicion. Another of the young people at the pizzeria, Virus, is a whiz at the computer and discovers the truth for Chuck: a network of adultery involving his parents. The young debate at great length at the pizzeria, wishing to change the way of life in Proud City.

Author's Note: 

I wrote this book because the young have a saying in this world, not only the old.

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