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Son of the Moon

A Quest for the Perfect Woman
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by Amo Sulaiman  CH Switzerland

September 21, 2021   |    946 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Son of the Moon: A Quest for the Perfect Woman, book by Amo Sulaiman. Book cover.He’s but a boy still, in his late teens, exotic, charming, a naïve stranger in a strange land with an unquenchable thirst for pleasure. Saddled from birth with a name that takes people aback, El Nobis von Albion sets out on a noble mission in life: to unite with his missing other half. And for a while, his strategic wit and his habit of poetically praising women’s sensuality right to their faces win him one homerun after another.

But, unfortunately, his high-spirited foster mom never taught him that Pretty is as pretty does, so when he finally meets the Perfect Woman, the tables start to turn. He finds himself being sucked down into a situation that could threaten his freedom…and even his very life.


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