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Quick Guide For Protection And Cleansing Your Aura From Negative Energy

Chakra Clearing And Chakra Healing Using Shaman's Drum, Bija Mantras, Tibetan Singing Bowls (Free Bonuses)
by Odin  US United States

November 17, 2019   |    337 reads    |   0 comments

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Quick Guide For Protection And Cleansing Your Aura From Negative Energy - Book coverIt's great and simple meditation for chakra balancing using sound and color – how to awaken chakras, how to open chakras, how to protect themselves from the evil eye and hoodoo, how to develop the abilities, to clean and activate chakras. This handbook is a very simple and quick way for chakra activation, chakra protection, chakra cleansing and chakra balancing, that quickly leads to better health and the well-being preservation. Get the talisman against the evil eye and hoodoo – a video for the aura and chakras cleansing! (SALE) VIP-Version Of The Course "Practices"

About The Author

He’s a Psychologist, Coach, Reiki Grand Master, and Certificated Spiritual Healer with 15 years of experience in helping people, Expert in the fields of human psychoenergetics. Engaged in Hinduism, Shamanism, tradition of ancient Slavs, and many other systems more than 15 years. He’s capable of seeing human aura. He has developed a unique author system for rapid self-development, cleaning and strengthening the psyche and energy, rejuvenation and healing of the body. He’s an author of trainings in psychology and psychoenergetics "Why The Gods Do Not Hear Us Or How To Make Desires Come True... more

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