Salads. 31 Healthy Recipes

Salads. 31 Healthy Recipes by Julia Freshberry - book cover.
Salad is the best addition to meat, fish, porridge, potatoes and also makes an ideal snack

25 October, 2020

Potato isn’t just a vegetable. This unique tuber is widely loved and appreciated all around the world.

I treat this vegetable with deep respect so I have decided to devote a separate book to it. Thirty-three of my favorite potato dish recipes are compiled in this book. These are salads, soups, mashed potatoes, casseroles, roast potatoes coated in various marinades, and more. I do not consider potato as a garnish; I believe it to be a rich main dish for which fresh vegetables make a perfect matching.

Like I always do, I try to retain nutritious value of products and not heat treat them too long.

Nutritional facts of every dish are presented as well.

I would be very happy if you find this book helpful and useful.

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ISBN: 979-8-5508-7815-6


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