Sauces. Healthy Mayonnaise Alternatives

Sauces. Healthy Mayonnaise Alternatives by Julia Freshberry - Book cover.
The recipes of 21 healthy sauces

25 October, 2020

Dear friends, in this book I share with you the recipes of my favorite healthy sauces.

These sauces are excellent alternatives to traditional mayonnaise, do not require special cooking skills, and are prepared from fresh ingredients! And, most importantly, they are light, delicious and healthy.

There are 21 sauces in the book.
For your convenience, I have divided the recipes into sections:
Section 1. Greek yogurt sauces
Section 2. Avocado sauces
Section 3. Cashew sauces
Section 4. Olive oil sauces
Section 5. Fresh tomato sauces
And bonus! Sesame sauce

Under the name of each sauce, I have indicated the types of food that pair well with it. The cooking process takes only 5-10 minutes. For those who count calories, nutritional facts of every sauce are presented as well. Find your favorite recipes, experiment, add spices and seasonings, and be inspired to create your own sauces and new dishes.

Let this book become a useful helper in your kitchen!

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