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Sane Grace

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by Oliver Phipps  US United States

September 25, 2020   |    747,563 reads    |   0 comments

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Sane Grace - Book coverIn the year 2054, earth has become an inter-galactic outpost for trade among friendly planets.

The potential rewards in this new era are great, but so are the risks. An alien drug called Fellirex has recently saturated the black market. It's cheap and highly addictive, and in few weeks, half the world's population could become addicts.

From across the globe, the world's finest are gathered to end the smuggling of this drug. Lieutenant Wolfe, a young and attractive special operations officer, seems completely out of place among the heroes and decorated veterans.

Much to the frustration of her commanding officer, she is given an assignment, and her teammate is almost immediately, critically wounded. A detective takes a chance and volunteers to team up with the seemly erratic young woman. However, it is not long before he questions that decision.

Trapped on a wild and hazardous journey across the globe and into space itself, the detective realizes Grace may not be who he thought she was. In fact, Grace herself appears to question her true intentions and motives.


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