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Silver Fire

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by Freya Pickard  GB United Kingdom

March 30, 2018   |    1,109 views    |   0 reviews / comments

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Silver Fire - Book coverSilver Fire is the first volume in Freya Pickard's epic fantasy series, the Kaerling. Otta has been given a task by an invisible, yet powerful presence in the haunted shrine. Erl, her brother, has lost his memory whilst hunting. Banished from their village, the twins must learn to overcome the darker sides of their personalities, if they are going to survive.

What is this strange trail that only Otta can sense? Where will it lead? Who are the mysterious Kaerlings? And why does Otta keep dreaming of brown-robed travellers in a strange land? Find out all this and more in the world of Nirunen from Freya's imagination ...

Silver Fire is FREE to download.

Author's Note: 

The Kaerling series has been in the making for many years. I have currently got the first 6 volumes written and my creative spirit is champing at the bit to write volumes 7 - 12! If you enjoy CS Lewis, Tolkien, Tad Williams and David Eddings, you will love Silver Fire and the following books.

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