Stopping The Internal Dialogue

Simple Way To Stop Negative Self-Talk, How To Stop Thinking Negative Thoughts, How To Remove Negative Self Talk (Emotions And Thoughts, How To Remove Negative Thinking)
by Odin US United States
November 16, 2019

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Stopping The Internal Dialogue - Book coverThought stopping (thought-stop) is a condition where all your thoughts, sounds, images, words and inner dialogues with invisible companions for some time disappear, and you reach a state of complete inner silence – not a sound, not a single image. This practice helps to develop the ability to quickly stop work of the body of thoughts and emotions, that is very important to work with uncontrollable negative runs programs, such as fears, worries, resentments, anger, through which you daily lose up to 80% of energy. State of inner silence is the STARTING CONDITION for any meditations, visualizations and practices in magic, esotericism and yoga. How to stop your thoughts, how to get rid of negative self talk, how to silence the internal dialogue & how to quiet your racing thoughts – this book is a great way to silence your inner critic. (SALE) VIP-Version Of The Course "Practices"

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