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The End of Russia’s War in Ukraine

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by Ted Halstead  US United States

July 31, 2020   |    953 reads    |   0 comments

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The End of Russia’s War in Ukraine - Book coverThree Russian agents have just learned that a thermonuclear warhead was stolen from Soviet forces in Ukraine decades ago.  Their mission is to find it, since at 500 kilotons the warhead has enough power to level a major city.

Even worse than that, though, is that America suspects the warhead wasn’t really stolen.  Instead, the American President believes the warhead’s detonation might be a pretext to let Russia seize Ukraine.

If the Russian agents fail and the warhead does destroy a Ukrainian city, America’s President will retaliate against a Russian military target.

Will the agents find the warhead before it is used, and starts WWIII? This will be the Russian agents’ greatest challenge yet.


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