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The Five-Star Review

A Collection of Cat Ellington's Top-Rated Book Reviews from 1981-2021
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by Cat Ellington  US United States

February 8, 2021   |    427 reads    |   0 comments

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The Five-Star Review - Book coverQuill Pen Ink Publishing presents The Five-Star Review: A Collection of Cat Ellington’s Top-Rated Book Reviews from 1981-2021. Spanning 40 years of Cat Ellington’s work as a critic of literature, the reference features an alphabetized list highlighting all of her five-star reviews composed throughout that time.

Part of the Cat Ellington Literary Collection, this stand-alone selection is an excellent read for both reviewers and book lovers alike.

Author's Note: 

Inspired by one of my (personal) heroes in the act of criticism, the late, great Roger Ebert, The Five-Star Review is a special edition that lists an alphabetized assemblage of every top-rated book that I have ever reviewed spanning 40 years.

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