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The Five-Star Review

A Collection of Cat Ellington's Top-Rated Book Reviews from 1981-2021

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February 8, 2021  |  739 views  |  0 reviews / comments

The Five-Star Review - Book coverQuill Pen Ink Publishing presents The Five-Star Review: A Collection of Cat Ellington’s Top-Rated Book Reviews from 1981-2021. Spanning 40 years of Cat Ellington’s work as a critic of literature, the reference features an alphabetized list highlighting all of her five-star reviews composed throughout that time.

Part of the Cat Ellington Literary Collection, this stand-alone selection is an excellent read for both reviewers and book lovers alike.

Author's Notes

Inspired by one of my (personal) heroes in the act of criticism, the late, great Roger Ebert, The Five-Star Review is a special edition that lists an alphabetized assemblage of every top-rated book that I have ever reviewed spanning 40 years.

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Cat Ellington is an American songwriter, composer, casting director, poet, author, and entrepreneur from Chicago, IL. She is best known for her creative contributions to the diverse industries and fields of music, movies, art, and literature. Cat Ellington's professional credits list a library of nonfiction books, including the Reviews by Cat Ellington series, The Making of Dual Mania,...

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