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The Influencers

by TR Johnson  US United States

February 28, 2013   |    3,036 reads    |   2 comments

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The Influencers (book image did not load)Enjoy the riveting journey of Joseph and Learesse, one from the 19th century, one from the 21st, lost, lonely, afraid and running.
The Influencers will have you laughing, crying and praying for the two of them as they learn frozen hearts do not survive the storms of life ...
The tiny red book with the huge marigold front and center - encourage, enlighten and entertain through acts of teaching to learn, sharing to grow and connecting to empower!

About The Author

Realtor, entrepreneur and business writer TR Johnson writes to inspire and educate herself and other. She believes learning never ends.
TR discovered her passion to inspire through writing; seemingly by chance. When her daughter received heartbreaking health news, women from her daughter's job made a promise. The eight women not only kept their promise "to be there until you are well again", today, they continue their loving influences.
The thank-you letter to the women, TR now calls... more

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