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TR Johnson


Realtor, entrepreneur and business writer TR Johnson writes to inspire and educate herself and other. She believes learning never ends.
TR discovered her passion to inspire through writing; seemingly by chance. When her daughter received heartbreaking health news, women from her daughter's job made a promise. The eight women not only kept their promise "to be there until you are well again", today, they continue their loving influences.
The thank-you letter to the women, TR now calls Angels started a momentum that continues to blossom. TR's writing voice is fashioned from the love and care received from her daughters Angels. She created The Snippets Network with a mission of "keeping hearts fed".
The road to "keeping hearts fed" is through publications, connections and training. The Snippets Network is a place where loving, learning and laughing influences abound. Loving, learning and laughing are three of life's potent and contagious influences for a good life life.

Books by TR Johnson

Thoughts Influence Power Snippets (book image did not load)
Thoughts Influence Power Snippets is a journey to appreciate the beauty of life and strengthen the power within. Thoughts Influence Power Snippets is a love story between a mother and daughter, with the reader becoming the lead character journeying within for love, hope and happiness.
2578 views > 1 review / comment
Non Fiction > Inspirational
The 32 Days and Ways of Snippets (book image did not load)
The 32 Days and Ways of Snippets ... for The Young @ Heart (T32DWS...) is a journal/planner for young adults based on two powerful words "I WILL". The engaging, entertaining and empowering messages feed young hearts. It teaches the power of today for the reality of tomorrow using the words "I WILL".
Fiction > Children
The Influencers (book image did not load)
Enjoy the riveting journey of Joseph and Learesse, one from the 19th century, one from the 21st, lost, lonely, afraid and running. The tiny red book with the huge marigold front and center - encourage, enlighten and entertain through acts of teaching to learn, sharing to grow and connecting to empower!
3734 views > 2 reviews / comments
Non Fiction > Business & Money
88 SnippTips ... for the Snippetpreneur's Heart! (book image did not load)
88 SnippTips - eighty-eight tips aka mini lessons keeping the consciousness on a high level in the business arena.
Non Fiction > Technology
Keeping Hearts Fed - Vol 1
Keeping Hearts Fed - Vol. 1 are twenty-five expressions representing life's most contagious and potent influences. These awesome influences are loving, learning and laughing. Keeping Hearts Fed is a tiny book, but its messages are HUGE written by a young at heart with illustrations by a young heart.
2612 views > 1 review / comment
Non Fiction > Inspirational