The Little Self Esteem WorkBook

The Little Self Esteem WorkBook by Samantha Carbon. Book cover.
Samantha Carbon

16 February, 2021

This book is going to support readers to understand their self-esteem and the ways in which how they feel about themselves  ties in with living a fuller and happier life. The strategies and exercises in this book will support them to shed some light on their level of self-esteem and it will give them some insight into the kind of personal struggles they may be facing.

Author's Notes

The topic of Self Esteem is a common concern that comes into the therapeutic space. Many individuals often don't know where to begin and we begin the process of understanding their self esteem. The book is easy to follow for those individuals curious about their levels and understanding of their self esteem and how it impacts their every day life.

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Genre: Non Fiction > Self help

ISBN: 9781780592824

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